"Anne-Marie Lockmyer has taken her pain and grief, and used it to help those who want to come alongside another hurting heart. She is a resource every grief ministry needs."


"I've always wanted to know what a grieving person needs and what may be hurtful. Anne-Marie shares her tragic loss very honestly, and candid. Her book was so helpful to me. I learned that just a hug is sufficient. That it is okay and encouraged to bring up memories of the loved one. They want to know that this wonderful person is not forgotten. I learned that very often the second year after loss is harder than the first. This book is an easy read and I like how her own experiences are in italics. The layout is very organized. I bought two more to give as gifts!"


"After reading Anne-Marie Lockmyer's book, you know this woman has a heart for God and for those who are hurting. Her book reads as easy as a conversation with a dear friend. While reading, I found myself commenting "Oh, no! I've said that!" or after my son's death "I remember when someone said that to me." We all hurt at some point in our lives. Anne-Marie Lockmyer has given me gentle encouragement and practical ways to offer comfort."


"Anne-Marie has managed to bless others through her tragedy. The book is so helpful in dealing with loss and the loss of loved ones of people close to you. No more walking on egg shells. She explains what she went through and what others are and may be feeling. What a great help this book has been to me. Thank you Anne-Marie!"


"This is a quick, easy read filled with helpful insights and perspectives. I appreciate that Anne-Marie recognizes there isn't a one-size-fits-all formula that applies to everyone, but she offers plenty of ideas on how to avoid offending and find out what will help your grieving friend the most."


"My best friend recently lost her husband and best friend of 40 years to cancer. His death, from diagnosis to no longer here was sudden and has again reminded me of Anne-Marie's journey. I will be sending a copy of her book to help guide her through her horrible, debilitating grief. I am grateful to Mrs. Lockmyer that she shared her deepest personal thoughts, pain, and journey in the grieving process in an effort to heal and help others. Her book is a must read and one we can all benefit from when experiencing the painful loss of a loved one."