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Anne-Marie is a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and has been a featured speaker at multiple venues including the California Institute for Women, End of Life Seminars and the TIP Trauma Intervention Program.
As a widow who suffered a devastating loss herself, Anne-Marie is passionate to dispel themyths about grief and grieving. She is dedicated to helping businesses understand the hiddenimpact of grief on their bottom line.
Her humorous approach and impactful speaking style make her seminars empowering and transformative.
Her mission is to bring individuals hope in the midst of pain and provide tools that help people experience joy in their lives again.


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Anne-Marie's many
Speaking Topics:


My Own Painful Journey of Grief Turned to Hope

Anne-Marie’s inspirational journey of pain, hope and healing will challenge beliefs about grief, and transform the awkwardness of approaching a grieving friend into the ability to comfort with confidence.
Learn the common misconceptions of grief / tips and tools incorporating Anne-Marie’s innovative approach to healing and recovery / how to aid in healing, not exacerbate a wound / how to overcome the social paralysis of saying the wrong thing in a sensitive moment / etiquette and life skills necessary
to help others in their moments of greatest need.


Creating Superior Customer Service

An aging US population will provide the Bereavement Industry with slow but consistent growth; however, the misconceptions about grief and the grieving could impact a Companies’ ability to provide Superior Customer Service. In this workshop you will learn the misconceptions of grief and how they impact customer care, how to empathize and understand grief on a deeper level, and new methods to engage the customer and their family. Receive practical tools and resources to encourage better reviews and increase referrals.


Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Costs

Hidden grief costs businesses more than $7B annually.
Gain insight on how to increase employee well-being and productivity. Learn tips and tools for helping grieving employees deal with the aspects of their specific type of profound loss including death, divorce, or a devastating health crisis.


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