Speaking Engagements

Anne-Marie, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and expert, comes alongside those that are grieving and their families by equipping them with the knowledge of how to understand the grieving experience and respond.  Anne-Marie also works with groups and individuals on grief recovery from ANY type of loss. There are 43 types of losses. She speaks to educate many different types of audiences about grief, including community groups, churches, businesses, insurance and investment advisors, first responders, TIP (Trauma Intervention Program), mortuaries and funeral home associations. She is also available for retreats and conferences.

Favorite Topics Include

  • The Impact Grief has on Businesses
  • Creating a Business Out of a Tragedy
  • When You Have a Grieving Client: The Benefit of Caring and Understanding
  • How to Prepare for End of Life (different name)
  • Understanding Grief
  • You Can Recover From Loss
  • The Joy of Generosity 
  • Hope in the Midst of Pain 
  • When Your Life Doesn't Go the Way You Planned 
  • Intimacy with God


Meet Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie talks about her book

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