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When Their World Stops

The Essential Guide to TRULY Helping Anyone in Grief

No more fear, walking on eggshells, or having no idea what to do!

Something about grief scares us. It is uncomfortable, and we feel inadequate to help our grieving friends. We don’t like to see them hurting and often don’t have a clue what to do — so we nothing — or the wrong thing.

When Their World Stops will equip you to:

  • Understand what they are experiencing and feeling
  • Say the right things and avoid saying the wrong things
  • Be supportive with appropriate actions and gifts
  • Encourage them during the holidays
  • Write a lovely message in a sympathy card
  • And so much more…

When Their World Stops includes many useful lists as well as a special reminder page to guide you on how to help them the first year.

About the Author

Anne-Marie Lockmyer lives in California, where she is rebuilding her life after the sudden death of her beloved husband. She hopes her pain and experience will help others.



"You will enter this book awkward and unsure—you will emerge a confident, loving, and creative advocate for your grieving friend."


"I had no idea how to help my grieving friend. The tips in this book gave me the confidence to know what to do."


"My best friend recently lost her husband and best friend of 40 years to cancer. His death, from diagnosis to no longer here was sudden and has again reminded me of Anne-Marie's journey. I will be sending a copy of her book to help guide her through her horrible, debilitating grief. I am grateful to Mrs. Lockmyer that she shared her deepest personal thoughts, pain, and journey in the grieving process in an effort to heal and help others. Her book is a must read and one we can all benefit from when experiencing the painful loss of a loved one."



"I am a Psychologist who has not only experienced grief but have worked with others who are grieving. A friend asked me to read it and let her know what I thought. I think it is excellent book. It is a quick and easy read with fabulous do's and don'ts. I think everyone should read it as it will be relevant for all of us at some point in our lives."

Dr. M.R.


"Practical with great ideas to comfort the hurting.I bought two more to give as gifts!"

Jeri D.


"Must have in every home as a guide to healing!"



"This book will actually "speak" to you - all of you out there who has either lost a loved one or had to find a way to help/aid/support/comfort a friend who was going through the grieving process. No one knows exactly how to respond to grief. Your friends look away and you can actually feel the tension in the room because there truly is no sure way to comfort someone who has just dealt with a loss of this magnitude. The author took it upon herself to let others know what she learned about grief and offers a "door" to those who are hurt and those who are trying desperately to find the right way to comfort them during this time. These are helpful words and directions that will not solve the issues of grief, but allow you to better understand how to deal with grief and help a friend get through a horrible time. It is a fact that everyone grieves differently, but this author should be commended for tapping into her own traumatic experience to bring others a bit of peace."



"Very well written and has some practical ways for you to help those during difficult times. Also great tips on how you can help yourself to not say or do the wrong for friends or others. The author speaks from the heart and has a passion for helping others. Highly recommend reading it even if you may not need to use it at this time. Great resource to have on the bookshelf."



"Anne-Marie has managed to bless others through her tragedy. The book is so helpful in dealing with loss and the loss of loved ones of people close to you. No more walking on egg shells. She explains what she went through and what others are and may be feeling. What a great help this book has been to me. Thank you Anne-Marie!"



"What a personal, yet widely applicable book. You can search for areas you are struggling with or read it front to back. I bought one for myself, and one to give away. We do so many things wrong when we are trying to do the right thing. It is a gift to hear what really helps instead of hurts."



"Concise, compassionate and common sense advice on helping someone get through an impossibly sad event in their life. Order this for yourself and for anyone you love who might be experiencing some difficulty in their lives."



"I have recommended this book twice now to families who are in mourning over a loved one. Both times they were very grateful for the guidance it provides. It is easy to read and gives excellent advice for a variety of situations. When you just don't know what to say or do, this book has the answers."