Blanket of Comfort

A step-by-step instruction

On page 43 of my book, I mention that the Blanket of Comfort a friend made for me was the best gift I could have ever received.  I actually slept with it for 3 years!  I have given many of them out since to hurting people and they are always very well received.

My plan was to give readers the directions on how to make one or they could purchase one from me, because every hurting person should have one of these.  Unfortunately, due to how busy I am and the time involved to make these, I have not been able to go into production as I would like.  I hope that will change.

But, I can help you get one or make one.

These are wonderful gifts for ANYONE who is hurting.  I have given them to people who have lost a loved one, are experiencing an illness or any other kind of hurt.  It makes them feel special and valued – and they are. This is not a blanket you buy at the store.

I have given them to women, men and children.  They all like them.  I had one man wrap it around him the entire he was in the hospital with cancer.

These are easy to make – no sewing!  You can usually make one in a couple of hours.

If you are not able to make one, I am sure you can go on Etsy and find someone to do it and then you could add the note and ribbon, etc.

These are just suggestions.  Put your own style on it.

Step 1

Think about the person you want the blanket for.  Keep them in mind as you select the fleece fabric you want.  Try to tailor it to their style and likes.  (I usually buy my fabric at Joanne’s Fabrics when there is a sale).  You may do the same pattern on both sides or use two different patterns.  I use 2 yard for adult, 1 ½ yard for a toddler.  You can play around with the sizes.  These sizes are much bigger than a lap blanket but smaller than a regular blanket.  Just the right size to cuddle with.

Step 2

Follow the directions on this link to make one.  Supplies and Instructions are on this link.

How to Make A Blanket of Comfort

or have someone make one for you.  (A friend, Etsy, etc)

Step 3

Fold it and wrap it with a beautiful bow or something appropriate for the type of person you are gifting it to.  You can ribbon, string, etc.

Step 4

Put some finishing touches on it.  I have stickers that say “This was handmade especially for you.” (Hobby Lobby)  You can add a butterfly, candy, a book, etc.  Anything you think will make it look like a beautiful gift.

Step 5

Write a card to go with it.  This is what I use but I try to personalize it. You can add to it, change it or do what you want.

“This Blanket of Comfort was made ESPECIALLY for you INSERT NAME!  When you feel like a hug, wrap it around you.  When you need a special touch or a good cry, cling to it.  And always remember when you look it, that you are deeply cared for!

Step 6

If you are going to present it in person, wrap it up nicely or put in a beautiful bag.  Presentation is very important.

If you are mailing it, pack it in a box with tissue paper around it.