Anne-Marie Lockmyer is an Award-Winning Author and Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist®

Pain is real.  So is hope!  That is the message award-winning author and speaker, Anne-Marie Lockmyer, wants to bring to those that are suffering with grief or loss of any kind. As a sudden widow, she became all too aware that those around her had no idea what to do or say. Using her own experience, research and interviews, Anne-Marie created the company, Comfort For The Hurting and wrote the 4 time award winning book, “When Their World Stops: The Essential Guide to TRULY Helping Anyone in Grief” – a quick, easy to read, practical guide on how to respond and encourage someone who is grieving – especially for the first year.  The awkwardness of grief can be replaced with confidence. Anne-Marie continues to receive testimonies on how much her book has helped people all over the world. Not just the people that want to help, but those who are grieving as well, as it  reinforces that fact that what they are going through is normal.  Anne-Marie is a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist and Advocate.  She is an expert on grief and shares her knowledge through public speaking, writing and working with groups and individuals on grief recovery and healing. 

There is hope.  There is healing. There is Comfort for the Hurting.
Anne-Marie has been rebuilding her life in Anaheim, California.